At The Mine

The Cactus Fire

Spring Is In The Air

The infamous desert wild flowers have come and gone, but now we are entreated to the cacti of the desert blooming.

This is a picture of a Buckhorn Cholla Cactus flower. This is just the beginning. If you look closely at the Saguaro’s you will see flowers starting to bloom on the tops of the cacti.

Even the desert has beauty, sometimes you just have to wait for it.

Updated Crusher Hut

Christmas came late for our plant operator. Our new Tuff Shed/Crusher Hut sitting atop it’s perch.

Now we need a Sparky to install the controls and we are good to go.

Gorgeous Sunset

In Arizona we are blessed with the opportunity to enjoy sunsets unlike any other part of the world. Here is another famous sunset here in Arizona.

Commercial Pricing

Commercial Services.

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New Shoes for our D10R

During an inspection we found a crack in one of the track chains on our D10R Bulldozer. So we had to have the tracks replaced, which included a little extra work. The pads and chain where due for a replacement with over seven thousand hours on them. We sure got our moneys worth out of that set of tracks.