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Our Location:
We are located just north of the Red Mountain Freeway.
Mount McDowell:
Commonly referred to as Red Mountain is actually Mt. McDowell, part of the McDowell Mountains.
Our Process:
Our main plant manufacturing quality landscape materials.
Our Entrance:
As you are headed to the Salt River for tubing, we are on the left.


Landscapers, General Contractors or Property Managers.

Whether you need landscape rock for your construction project, a current property or need a quote for landscape material. Red Mountain Mining can help you meet your project goals using our high quality landscape material at contractor prices..



State, County or Local City.

Red Mountain Mining helped pioneer one of the first certified landscape products used on the freeway’s in Arizona. Our quality control can provide landscape material that meets your specifications. Both today and in the future.


We Can Help with individual projects

Call us and let us help you...


Do you need a particular landscape spec on your project, give us a call.

Red Mountain Mining can deliver your landscape product at affordable rates.

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