About Us

Red Mountain Mining, Inc.

Red Mountain Mining, Inc.

A little about us. We are located in North East Mesa south of the highly recognized landmark Red Mountain. Red Mountain Mining, Inc has been operating in this location since 1973.

The mine has been in operation under various names since 1961. We are a small business family, and locally owned and operated and are not affiliated in any way with any other corporation or organization inside or outside of the USA.

We crush granite and size it to be used for landscaping materials in the lawns and freeways of the Phoenix Metro area and to various locations in Arizona. We are proud of our material being used to help with water and environmental management in the state of Arizona, Nevada and parts of California. If you have a grass lawn and are tired of your large water bill or just want to increase your part in helping to conserve your environment, call our sales team for help in determining how reduce your carbon footprint.

Our process does not include any type of mineral processing or extraction, we simply make landscape materials, commonly referred to as crushed granite, decomposed granite or decorative rock.

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