Q?If I buy your material, can you deliver it also?


We do have a fleet of trucks that can deliver your material to your location.

Q?What is a “Minus” material?

A minus material sometimes referred to in the industry as “fines” is material that is produced or blended during the production process. Our natural byproduct during a production run will be the 3/8in Minus or 3/8in fines. Because we crush larger rock to produce smaller sized rock, the crushing process will create various sizes of material. When using crushers you will have everything from the size you are trying to produce down to 200ml or silt. A minus material will have the sized rock plus everything below that size, minus everything above that size. So 3/8in Minus Pink Coral will be:

3/8in Screened rock down to 200ml.
 That is why the minus material looks like rock mixed in with dirt. When dealing with larger sized rock, we typically have to blend this. An example would be:

3/4in Minus Pink Coral
This would involve blending 3/4in Screened Pink Coral with 3/8in Minus Pink Coral in a ratio of 2:1 Minus to Rock to create a 3/4in Minus Pink Coral.

Minus materials serve a twofold purpose in that they will have a screened rock for appearance and the minus for soil stabilization. All of the freeway projects have an ADOT spec minus material to accomplish this.

Q?Do I ask for sized or screened material?

That is an excellent question. Basically there is no difference between “Sized” or “Screened” material. Screened material is material that has been run across a screen that use a specific size opening to separate a “Size” of rock. So whether you ask for sized or screened material, as long as you know the size of the material you desire, our sales staff can help you determine how much material and schedule a delivery for your purchase.

Q?How do I determine what material I need?

The best way to determine which of our materials you want would be to visit our site and take a stroll around our sample area. While we have pictures on the website, we can not promise the color on your monitor will look the same as our actual material. So pay us a visit and check out our sample area. We even have containers for samples you may want to take home and make certain our rock will meet your needs.

Q?Is there a method I can use to determine how much material I need?


The following link “CALCULATOR” can help you determine how much material you need, based upon square footage, or you can visit the page Calculator on the menu.

The calculator provided on the website uses factors specifically dealing with specific characteristics of our material.

In order to determine how much material you need use the following formula:

Length x width of the area to cover = Square footage. Divide the Square Footage by the Coverage Factor of the material or simply put:

Say you have a new area that is 100 feet in length and 30 feet wide. You have chosen our 3/4in Screened Pink Coral, our formula looks like this:

100 x 30 / 100(factor for 3/4in screened rock) or

3000/100 which equals 30.00 tons. That means you will need 30 tons of 3/4in Screened pink Coral to fill 2 inches of material in the 3,000 square feet.

The “Calculator” already has all of the factors built in so use it as a great starting point.

Q?Can I get a quote online?


We will send quotes to contractors by email if they request, because they are already familiar with our product and/or have spoken to our salesman.

Because we want you to have the best purchasing experience possible, we prefer you visit our site and make certain you know what size, color, amount and delivery schedule is available. If you are familiar with our product and would like to receive a quote over the phone please call us at 480-832-3390 or fax us at 480-830-9009 for a quote.

Q?Can I purchase material online?


Due to the need to make certain you purchase the material that suits your project and as mentioned earlier the problems with color inconsistencies with online viewing, we do not have an online cart system.

Q?What is the difference between Decorative Rock and Decomposed Granite?

When a mine first starts in an area the material that they begin to screen will be the “Overburden” or “Decomposed” material or granite that is naturally loose on the surface. Red Mountain Mining has been in this location since 1973 and the decomposed material has long been gone. We use modern mining techniques to fracture and move the material to our crushers and from there crush to size and then screen by size the granite.

Granite (or anything for that matter) exposed to the effects of the sun will eventually decompose. This process takes long periods of time (thousands of years) to happen. Our granite has “Black Monzonite” in it and has a better structural strength because of this content. Typically what will cause granite to breakdown would be heavy traffic from cars or other heavy objects, not forgetting heavy rain washing away the material or eroding the rock.

Q?Can anyone buy your material?


Though we are a “wholesale” distributor of landscape materials, we do sell to the public. Our focus is on the architects, landscaper’s and major projects because we can help them bid competitively on their landscaping needs especially when dealing with large quantities. While we aren’t actively pursuing the general public, if you call us or come in we will sell you material at retail prices.

We also have cards from landscapers that you could have help you with your project.

Please NOTE: We do not endorse or receive any compensation from landscaper contractors for letting them leave business cards at our site. We do this as a courtesy and opportunity for all of our customers. Red Mountain Mining, Inc. does not promote any specific contractor(s). Any and all business dealings made between you and the contractor are yours. Red Mountain Mining, Inc. will not be held responsible for said business transactions. If you feel you have not been treated fairly by the landscape contractor, let us know.