Our fleet includes 18 wheel trucks known as “Transfers”. These trucks are versatile in that they can carry two different types and weights of material at the same time. They accomplish this because they are basically ten wheel dump trucks that pull a trailer behind them. So the truck can carry up to 12 tons of one type of material and then dump that, back up to the trailer and “transfer” the other container of up to 12 tons onto the truck and now dump that.

The Super 16 is the traditional Dump Truck with a longer frame and dump bed. In addition to the standard dual drive axle the Super 16 will have 3 additional “pusher axles” between the steer and drive axles allowing the truck to carry anywhere from 20 to 22 tons.

Our boulder crane not only can transport boulders, it can place them too. Typically a boulder delivery/placement with this crane would require an hourly charge for placement (Hourly charge not included in price of boulder).