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ADOT Pink Coral Minus Spec

ADOT Pink Coral Minus Spec is a blend of 1-1/4″ rock and minus that meets the ADOT spec for freeway material. Our ADOT Pink Coral Minus Spec can be found on many freeways here in the valley.

Specification Material

  • adot-1-25-pc-900×600
  • ADOT Spec 1-1/4 Desert Gold Minus

Specification Material for ADOT

Red Mountain Mining was the first pit in Arizona capable of providing Specification material (Spec) to ADOT for the Valley Freeways. Because we maintain high quality and color standards our material can be specified to pass rigorous sieve testing and sampling. Need a Spec for your ADOT or Government project. Call our salesman Dave to see how we can help you meet your spec.

Landscaping Materials

We provide high quality landscaping materials for any type of project. Our Pink Coral is our most popular color due to the natural landscape here in a the valley. Our landscaping materials are made with extremely high quality standards to ensure your material will always be consistent in color and dimension. The area we mine for...

Contractor Pricing

Contractor pricing is available.

As a wholesale manufacturer of decorative materials we provide competitive pricing for small, medium and large projects. If you are a small landscape contractor or a major developer, and have a contractors license that is available. Fax us at 480-830-9009 or bring us a copy of your current 5000 certificate and we can...


[caption id="attachmentt_373" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Surface Select Boulder 5'x5'x4' Surface Select Boulder[/caption] Come in and check out our large selection of boulders. PIT RUN: These boulders are found right here in our pit. These boulders range anywhere from very small to very large in size and shape and are...